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Wish List City 


A model displayed at Shaping Space – Architectural Models Revealed, an exhibition hosted by The Building Centre and the V&A. 

The model is based on an amalgamation of East Asian art, design and film references, all of which bought a sense of inspiration and escapism during lockdown.


Together, the collaged elements became a fantastical tour of a road that still, with vital pandemic restrictions in place, remains un-travelled. These references include, dream hostel and Airbnb stays in Hong Kong, photos of neon saturated Tokyo streets by Liam Wong, fantastical illustrations by Teikoku Shounen and the animations of Studio Ghibli. 

The hinged base opens the model up and allows the details of the miniature scene to be looked at more closely.

The exhibition opens at the end of September 2021, see here for more information.

Model photos taken by Fred Howarth. See more of his photography here

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