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Re-modelling Metroland


Constructed in stilted bursts by the Metropolitan Railway publicity department between 1915 and 1932, ‘Metroland’, comprises a string of inter-war housing estates built throughout North-West London between Neasden and Amersham.


Within this project I wanted to speculate as to whether the intended suburban state of 'Metroland' still exists and if so how have the changes in density, demographics and popular taste altered the area's built fabric. 

The plots of land that were once carefully curated to showcase the suburban ideal (a slice of countryside with added convenience) have now burst their controlled banks and a new suburban/city condition has been created. My fragments of models and playable pieces attempt to document this current condition and speculate as to what could happen next in London's suburbs. 


The mix and match pieces and accompanying board allows anybody to combine components such as planting, mock tudor houses, malleable landscapes and pylons to construct reinterpreted suburban scenes. 

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